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Free Training: Marketing information is offered through both training classes and a peer to peer network, rooted in the sharing of information between members and group leaders. There is no cost to join and no dues are required. Access the training modules here.

Buying Club: Our in house services and our relationships with vendors can save you money on the marketing and publicity services you use every day. Don't spend more than you need to spend. Check out the buying club here.

IMPORTANT: Membership is currently limited to authors of books only. Vendors must be approved by Book Marketing (contact us for details).
This site is moderated.  We reserve the right to reject any application or anything we feel is not appropriate. Please read the TERMS OF SERVICE. By joining this site you agree to the terms of service. We welcome all comments, suggestions, questions and recommendations.


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Week of October 23 - October 30, 2016

24-Oct    T. Wrage
24-Oct    Jennifer Idol
24-Oct    Mark Wayne Adams
24-Oct    Karen Elizabeth Lee  
24-Oct    Brian Aull

25-Oct    Shanalee Sharboneau
25-Oct    Tom Davis
25-Oct    Eleze "Lisa" Thomas McMillan
25-Oct    Dr. Nicole
25-Oct    Dr. Nicole

26-Oct    Anita A. Caruso
26-Oct    Clayton Graham
26-Oct    Taiia Smart Young
26-Oct    Rudi Raab and Julie Freestone
26-Oct    J.K. Norry
27-Oct    R. G. Bud Phelps
27-Oct    R. G. Bud Phelps
27-Oct    Mark Wayne Adams 
27-Oct    Chloe Berringer
27-Oct    Sid Nachman

28/29/30 Oct     S. D. Moore
28/29/30 Oct     Brian A. McLaughlin
28/29/30 Oct     Eleze "Lisa" Thomas McMillan
28/29/30 Oct     David Broderick * United Kingdom
28/29/30 Oct     Jo-Marie



The Internet increasingly drives higher and higher numbers of books sales today. Learning to market in the Internet environment requires new skill sets that many people do not have. Those who do not or are not willing to learn these powerful Internet strategies, methods and tools will be seriously hampered in their efforts to attain their sales goals. These go far beyond merely putting up a website or participating in social media networking.

In this video series you can learn how to begin to successfully market your work. Step by step instructional series allows you to begin to develop a marketing plan that works. Learn at your own pace. There is no cost.

New installments will be added regularly and will cover all phases of book marketing from a real world perspective. These videos are offered to members of The Authors Marketing Powerhouse.


To access the training classes:

1. Sign in to Book Marketing

2. Click the 'Groups' tab at the top of this page

3. Join the 'Book Marketing - The Truth' group

4. Access the video using the links provided in the group



Book Marketing - How To Get In Front Of Your Target Buyers

Here is a quick pop quiz. As a person marketing a book, would you rather: a. Get in front of 1000 people, some of whom may be interested in your book, or b. Get in front of 100,000 people, all of whom are ready to buy a book just like yours – today?Silly question. Seems like a no-brainer, right?For most of us, option A seems possible, while option b seems to be completely out of reach.Yet there IS a way to do that. And it is much easier than you might think.What Is Book Marketing?All book marketing is the attempt to sell your book to those who want or need your book. To accomplish this however you must get in front of that very specific group of potential book buyers. For some people, that’s very difficult. To get in front of that group, you must first identify them or you will likely waste a lot of time talking to people who are probably not interested in buying your book. Finding those potential book buyers is a real challenge.However there IS a way you can easily identify them…Continue

Tags: market, books, a, an, ebook

Started by Don McCauley Mar 22, 2013.


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Book Marketing Announcements: The Authors Show Lineup For The Week Of July 18, 2016

Don McCauley of the Free Publicity Focus Group and Danielle Hampson of, founders of Book Marketing, announced today The Authors Show radio and TV weekly broadcast schedule. View The Entire Release

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