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Kita’s Gentle Message: Relinquish that Control Button (Saturday, February 18, 2017)

You’ve got everything figured out for the project and are confident that you haven’t missed an item. Priorities have been set; working colleagues have been informed of your plans; date and time for project delivery are confirmed. In walks the senior manager and has an idea that she wants to integrate into the existing action plan. For a moment you are stunned at the suggestion: too much, too late, too impractical – these thoughts run through your mind as you prepare a measured response to her.  Sound familiar? Do you feel your “baby” has been suddenly hijacked? And of course this type of thing happens in our personal lives too.  My suggestion: take your sweaty palms off the control button, breathe deeply and allow circumstances to unfold instead of resisting them when they’re not exactly what you intended. You’ll sleep better.

To your Happiness,



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