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I was surprised and honored over the past two days to receive two fabulous reviews of Tales from readers around the world. I want to thank Nancy Kerr-Wilson of Ontario for taking the time to share with me about how Tales encouraged her to “talk” with a new lesson horse in her barn that was anxious over his recent move there. Her comments thrilled me. My mission is to help heal the human-animal bond, which happened that day in Ontario. Added thanks to Nancy for her review to encourage others to pick up a copy of Tales and enrich their own animal-relationships.

The second review came all the way from Denmark from a gracious reader of Letting Go, Hanne Lise Rechnagel. As I read Hanne Lise’s review, my heart filled with a sense of fulfillment. Tales touched Hanne Lise in exactly the way I’d hoped it would affect people. It changed the way Hanne Lise perceives animals now. Her story of her childhood dog is so very touching. You won’t want to miss it. I am so very grateful for her amazing comments about Tales.

Receiving reviews such as these from across the globe make all the hard work, tears, and expense of writing and publishing more than worth it. I am so proud to offer these latest reviews for your enjoyment. THANK YOU, dear ladies!

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